I'm Klikoo — smart app, that helps you increase profits with PPOB
Get me installed and raise your income by 3 million ₹
I am expanding the shops' product line with digital tools
Raise the demand for your service with me
80 mln
PLN users
175 mln
Telkomsel users
5 mln
Drivers need a topup
45 mln
Gamers can become your customers
4 simple steps to your business expansion
Install the app
Download Klikoo on your phone via Google Play. App is currently only available for Android
Fill in your name, phone number and local ID number. Our call centre members will contact to confirm your account
Top up your balance
Make a one-time deposit of at least
₹ 10,000 into a bank or virtual account via retail (Alfamart) or cash to a sales representative
Make transactions
Sell digital services for cash - you only need a customer ID to complete the transaction
Get me installed and start raising your income from this very moment

Your clients will be more easy with me, as well as you!
Quick transactions without freezing up
Customers can pay their bills not getting off the bike
Unique products
Not every retailer has access to services such as paying for taxis or games
Constant updates and new promos
Receive notifications of new products and offers with a discount
Follow current promotions and sell products at best price
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs, and charts, as well as through signs, signals, and symbols. It may be used either independently or as an adjunct to other methods.
Напиши в чат техподдержки по любым вопросам работы сервиса
I'm extremely user-friendly, but if you run into difficulties you can always ask for help
Our tech support is ready to help with any queries 24/7
  • We help to connect and configure the service
  • We teach how to use the app
  • We show how to increase income
  • We solve any transaction problems
Find out other entrepreneurs speaking about me
I was created to make business in Indonesia more tech-savvy
My developers are Pintar Ventura Pertama, a company that is building a financial ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Their goal is to accelerate Indonesia's digital economy by providing reliable and affordable financial technology to small and medium-sized businesses across the country
I have lot's of partners in big business!
Increase your monthly income million times with PPOB transactions
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Download me and start earning
more right now!
Contact us with any questions about the service
WhatsApp: 0821 2527 0901
E-mail: cs.klikoo@pvg.co.id