Enhance your business expansion with access to 1,000+ digital products and bill payment solutions with a single API.

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Extensive Product Portfolio
Explore our comprehensive product range of over 1,000 digital products and community bill payments
Competitive Pricing
Gain greater advantages for your company with competitive pricing
Rapid Transactions
Transactions proceed swiftly, ensuring 5-star customer satisfaction
Access to Transaction History
Every transaction is meticulously recorded, facilitating analysis for profit enhancement
Streamlined Transaction Facilitation
Flagship Products
Over 1,000 digital products and bills ready to be marketed to the community
Flagship Products
Over 1,000 digital products and bills ready to be marketed to the community
Robust and Effortless Open API Systems
Seamless Integration
Our Open API system seamlessly integrates through comprehensive and detailed documentation, ensuring quick and easy implementation

Guaranteed Security
Utilizing a whitelist system, all transactional information and customer data remain protected and secure
Large Scale Operations
Capable of handling large transaction volumes and ensuring seamless business growth without hindrance
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Moh Adi Susilo
"PVG' showcased its excellence. After years of collaboration, transaction speed consistently meets and satisfies our needs. Top-notch!”
Adang Eki Oktaviana
“Transactions with Klikoo are comfortable and secure, with transactions processing at full speed."
Angga Rajasa
“Klikoo is a high-quality biller, providing excellent products and delivering prompt service, which significantly contributes to the smooth operation of our business.”
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B2B Strategic Manager at Indopay Multisinergi
Owner at PT Adrajaya Teknologi Digital
Business Manager at PT. Bangun Digital Nusantara
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