Terms & Conditions
Rules and terms that must be agreed


a. Terms & Conditions set forth below shall govern the use of Platform / Klikoo Application offered by PT Pintar Ventura Pertama related to the use of Platform / Klikoo Application;

b. Users are advised to read carefully because it can affect the rights and obligations of Users under the law;

c. By register and/ or use Platform / Klikoo Application, the User is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all contents in this Terms & Conditions;

d. This Terms & Conditions are a form of agreement which is set forth in a valid agreement between the User and PT Pintar Ventura Pertama;

e. If the User does not agree with one, part, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, the User is not permitted to access, register and/or use the Platform / Klikoo Application.


"Account" refers to the Account created by the User as soon as the User completes the registration process on the Platform / Klikoo Application, which contains information about the User's telephone number and balance of Klikoo's Users.

"Users", "You", or "Your" refers to those who use Platform / Klikoo Application, including but not limited to buyers, sellers, and other parties who have an interest in using the Platform / Klikoo Application.

"Partner" means any cooperation partner listed on the website pages available at www.klikoo.co.id who accept payment with Klikoo balance for the sale of their products and services and who has an official contract with us. List of products available at https://klikoo.co.id may be revised by us from time to time at Our sole discretion without notifying you in advance.

"Klikoo", "We", "Ours", or "We" refers to Klikoo, which is PT Pintar Ventura Pertama.

"Klikoo Balance" means the payment instrument issued by Klikoo, which can be used by Users to purchase products and services from a Partner or to conduct certain financial transactions.
"Written Contract" refers to all written documents that we apply to You if You register as a User/ Partner.

"Terms and Conditions" refer to the Terms and Conditions for the use of Klikoo products and services available at www.klikoo.co.id and other products and services that may be available in the future. New products and services will be informed to You through notifications on Your Platform / Klikoo Application.


Each Terms and Conditions that apply to a single subject also apply to multiple subjects and vice versa, unless separately regulated and explained in these Terms and Conditions.

Each Terms and Conditions that apply to masculine subjects also apply to feminine subjects and vice versa, unless regulated and explained separately in these Terms and Conditions.

Titles and information are only used to help clarify these Terms and Conditions so that they should not affect the understanding of these Terms and Conditions.
Each Terms and Conditions that apply to an individual, unless otherwise noted and explained, will also apply to the inheritor, guardian and official representative of the individual.

Likewise, any Terms and Conditions that apply to a legal entity, for example Klikoo, unless otherwise noted and explained, will also apply to partners, heirs and official representatives of the entity.


a. You can create and use an Klikoo Account if you:

  1. At least 17 years old;
  2. Indonesian citizen who have an electronic Identity Card (e-KTP);
  3. Live in the Republic of Indonesia and have a registered residence address;
  4. Use our services to make transactions only in Indonesian Rupiah and not in other currencies;
  5. Use the services on the internet device accordingly.

b. You can only use our services if You meet all requirements as mentioned at paragraph number 1 above. If you do not meet these conditions, You are requested to cancel any attempt to create and use Klikoo Account.

3. Registration and ownership of the Klikoo Account is free of charge.

4. We reserve the right to start charging fees to our service Users in the future. Terms and Conditions relating to registration fees and Account ownership shall be effected from the date of issuance of this Terms and Conditions.


a. To create an Account, You must provide the following registration data to us:

  1. Your full name;
  2. One valid and functional mobile number;
  3. One valid and functional e-mail address;
  4. Additional information that are needed to meet the applicable regulations and support the implementation of our Services;
  5. Your self photo while holding a copy of your enlarged ID card.

b. Registration data and other additional information that You provide to us must be conveyed in truth, in accordance with Your knowledge, Your beliefs and the actual reality. Errors in providing Registration Data will be entirely Your own responsibility.

c. You are prohibited from sharing your Registration Data with any third party. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Registration Data and are responsible for any activities and transactions that occur through Your Klikoo Account, whether done by You or any third party.

d. You are required to maintain the confidentiality of your OTP password / pin / code from any party, including even all Klikoo staff. If Your password / pin / OTP code is known by other parties for any reason whatsoever and therefore misuse of Your Account, it is not Klikoo's responsibility.

e. If You need assistance regarding the security and protection of Your Account, we urge You to:
a. Please contact us immediately at cs.klikoo@pvg.co.id or Klikoo phone number on 082125270901 regarding anything related to illegal or unauthorized use of Your account;
b. Change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) periodically.

f. To prevent money laundering and / or terrorism financing in Indonesia, we reserve the right to suspend Your Account immediately if we have reason to believe that any registration data or data provided by You is incorrect, and / or there is an indication that Your Account has been hijacked in any way.

g. If You forget Your password, You can contact our Customer Service team and get a new password by verifying Your data first. If Your password is known by another party and therefore an abuse occurs on Your Account, it is not Klikoo's responsibility.

h. If You cannot access Your Account for other reasons other than forgetting your password, please contact us immediately at cs.klikoo@pvg.co.id and make a request to freeze Your Account. We will not be responsible for any unauthorized / illegal transactions made by using Your Account before you make a request to freeze your Account and that request has been confirmed by our system.


a. To access all products and features from Klikoo, Users must carry out Account Verification by providing data by Article D, no.2.

b. Users who have just registered at Klikoo have a trial period of 30 days, starting when the User completes the registration process.

c. During the trial period, users can access all products and features on Klikoo, except Money Transfer products, e-wallet and Klikoo mart features.

d. If after 30 days of registration or the trial period, the User does not verify, the User will not be able to top up or make transactions for all products. Users can re-top up and make transactions after verifying on Klikoo.

e. If there is a balance after 30 days since registration or the trial period. Users must verify to use their balance again.


a. Users can register for a subscription package at Klikoo. For this, the User needs to make payment via the User's balance at Klikoo.

b. The User can make a payment before starting the subscription package by selecting the subscription package in the Klikoo application.

c. Valid for 30 days or other period determined by Klikoo

d. Subscription packages can be extended automatically according to the User's agreement.

e. Subscription packages approved and paid for by the User cannot be cancelled.


a. We strongly recommend that You always check the details of each topup or money transfer carefully before doing transaction. Thus, there will be no error transaction so You do not need to cancel the transaction that has been done. Please note that transactions shall only be canceled if have not been processed.

b. If You want a refund of a certain amount of money that has been deducted from Your Klikoo Account, please explain Your refund request to our customer service at cs.klikoo@pvg.co.id.

c. For any refund request, if we decide that Your refund request is valid, we will do our best to implement the refund and return the related balance to Your Klikoo Account within a maximum of 5 (five) business days after the report is received.

d. We will always try our best to answer Your refund request as soon as possible. We are not responsible for delays in the refund process, which may be caused by You or a third party, such as the Bank.


If we have reason to believe that there is an indication of fraud in the payment activity that occurred on Your Account, we will freeze Your Account. You will lose access to Your Account during the investigation process.

We depend on a number of third parties such as banks and partners in conducting investigations. However, we will do our best to complete the investigation as soon as possible.

The return of Your access rights to Your Account depends on the results of our investigation and third parties.

Restoring your access rights to your Account depends on the results of our and third-party investigations.

The suspicious transactions in question include but are not limited to:

a. Transactions within an unreasonable period
b. Transactions with unreasonable amounts
c. Transactions involving parties in monitoring
d. Unusual transactions
d. A combination of 2 or more types of transactions is considered suspicious

Consequences for Agents who carry out Suspicious Transactions include but are not limited to:

a. Temporary or permanent Klikoo account suspension
b. Disqualification from Klikoo Programs and Promotions
c. If proven to have violated criminal and/or civil law, continued action from the authorities.


  1. Your Klikoo Account is deemed as dormant ("Dormant Account") when there is no transaction for a consecutive period of 60 (sixty) calendar days. For the purpose of this clause, a "transaction" shall mean the completion of Platform / Klikoo Application of Your Klikoo Account. Dormant Accounts cannot make financial transactions and payments at Klikoo Partners;

b. As soon as the period according to number (1) above ends, then:

  1. If Your Klikoo Balance Account is IDR 0 (zero Rupiah), we will permanently close Your Dormant Account.
  2. If You still have Klikoo balance, we will deactivate Your account.
  3. After the Klikoo account has been deactivated, Klikoo will apply a maintenance fee for the Account that has been blocked because the Dormant Account will be taken from the remaining Klikoo balance in the Klikoo Account. The provisions regarding Account maintenance fees will be determined later by us as an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.


a. "Return Code" means digital information code containing 9 (nine) numeric codes that is given to You anytime after You successfully completed a transaction at the Platform / Klikoo Application if it exceeds the total payment.

b. Any Return Code that You have received shall only be reused for transactions in Platform / Klikoo Application and non-refundable, and/or cannot be transferred, and / or cannot be assigned to another Klikoo User.

c. The Return Code that You receive shall be valid for 14 (fourteen) consecutive calendar days from receipt of the Return Code and after that period has passed the Return Code shall no longer valid. Please note that the validity period of this Return Code does not apply when Your account is declared as a Dormant Account.

d. We reserve the right to withdraw and / or cancel granting and / or limit the use of the Return Code to You with or without prior notice if:

  1. The transaction in which the Return Code was given is canceled;
  2. the underlying transaction of the Return Code is indicated as an act of fraud, an act of violation of these Terms and Conditions and / or applicable laws and regulations,
  3. occur error system/ error calculation made by us or the Klikoo Partner, and / or Klikoo's internal terms and policies.


We reserve the right to close Your account, which for a certain period of time or so on based on our considerations or our decisions that is appropriate, if one or more occur The conditions below:

a. Your own request as the account owner, provided that You have completed all of your obligations to us;

b. 30 (thirty) days after your Account is declared Inactive/ Dormant Account and Your Klikoo Balance Account is IDR 0 (zero) Rupiah;

c. You pass away or the company, business entity, legal entity or civil partnership that you represent is declared or filed for bankruptcy or liquidation or is in a bankruptcy or liquidated condition;

d. Your Account or transactions in your account are declared fraud (based on the results of our own investigations and / or with the police, and / or third parties);

e. Our decisions are based on applicable laws and regulations;

f. The closure of the above Account has been settled the obligations and costs incurred therefore.

g. If Your Klikoo Account is closed based on point a above, then after verification is done, We can take steps to hold, deduct, or debit the Klikoo Balance in Your Account. Withholding, deducting, or debiting the balance in Your Account is made based on our considerations, and also includes but is not limited to fulfilling all Your payment obligations to Us or Our Partners, payment of closing administrative fees Account in the amount that will be determined by Us from time to time or other payable costs (if any) in Your Klikoo Account. You hereby grant us the full irrevocable and unconditional power of attorney (without the need to make it separately), right and authority with the right of substitution, at any time, without requiring prior notification nor approval to You.

h. You shall remain responsible for all transactions that occurred prior to termination of Your Account.

12. LINK

Our "Official Site" is available at www.klikoo.co.id You will notice that the URL for each page of Our Official Site begins with "https: //". In other words, every page of our Official Site is a secure hypertext transfer protocol ("HTTPS based") or "Verified ID".

HTTPS from all of our Official Sites has been activated to secure You from fake sites. Make sure the webpage You are viewing is HTTPS-based before providing any information. We will not be responsible for any consequences if You provide information on a third party site.

We do not guarantee the safety, functionality or accessibility of third party sites, including cases where links to third party sites are available on our Official Sites.


Our services depend on third parties such as banks, telecommunications companies and power companies. We cannot control events related to services from third parties. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for guaranteeing the success or speed of payment services at special times as follows:

a. Time outside normal operating hours in Indonesia (Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 WIB);

b. Saturday and Sunday which are considered as weekend holidays in Indonesia;

c. Days which are considered as national holidays in Indonesia;

d. The days that the "Force Majeure" case took place.


a. Except for our limited role in processing payments that You allow or submit, we are not involved in transactions between You, other users, banks, or other third parties.

b. Klikoo does not cooperate or be affiliated with any party other than what we expressly state on our website or on our Platform / Klikoo Application.

c. We will not be responsible if You trust / make payments / transfers at the request of the other party. If You experience this incident, PLEASE REPORT IT to Klikoo via our contact at:

  1. Mobile: 082125270901
  2. CS Email: cs.klikoo@pvg.co.id
  3. or can be seen on our contact page

d. We do not make any guarantees regarding the use or the results of the service in terms of suitability, correctness, accuracy and reliability. You are fully responsible for the risks from Your access to and use of the service.

e. We shall not responsible for any suggestions and / or information, whether oral or written, regarding any guarantees You get from third parties or parties other than us.

f. We shall try our best not to share any payment details, registration data or other personal information that you provide to us, except when required by applicable laws and regulations, or to a certain extent we need to carry out the payment instructions that we receive from You. We are not responsible for any consequences that occur if Your personal information has been voluntarily or accidentally shared by You with any third party.


a. Users will not intercept or interfere with other Users;

b. Users do not and will not violate intellectual property, trade secrets, ownership rights;

c. User will not defame, threaten or harass in communicating with us or other Users;

d. Users will be polite and not obscene in communicating with us or other Users;

e. Users, directly or indirectly, will not do any action that is prohibited by the prevailing laws and regulations.


After Your Klikoo Account is active, hence You agree to receive communications from us through the registered mobile number and your registered e-mail address regarding our services. You agree that any communication You receive from Us will not be considered spam (unsolicited communication) and / or violation of Your registration.


You agree to indemnify, defend and take side with us and/or other related parties as innocent of any and all complaints, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and fines, including without exception the costs and legal penalties that arise as a result from using or misuse of the service or violation of these Terms and Conditions.


a. Services are provided in an "as is" or "as is" condition. We do not make any representations or warranties of any kind regarding the reliability, security, timeliness, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy and / or completeness of the Platform / Klikoo Application. We shall make no representations or warranties of any kind that:

  1. The use of Platform / Klikoo Application (or any part thereof) will be safe, timely, uninterrupted or free from errors, interruptions, viruses or other obstacles or other dangerous components;
  2. Platform / Klikoo Application can continue to operate or be used in conjunction with or with a combination of devices (both hardware and software) or other party systems that we do not provide or own for the operation of the Platform / Klikoo Application;
  3. the provision of the Platform / Klikoo Application or the smooth transaction or use of the Klikoo Account will meet Your requirements or expectations;
  4. any transaction data that We store or store in the Platform / Klikoo Application and its supporting systems is accurate or true;
  5. quality of service or the Platform /Klikoo Application will meet Your requirements or expectations; and
  6. there will be no errors, interruptions or defects from the Platform / Klikoo Application and its supporting systems.

b. Given that We only act as a platform provider, We are not responsible for the content, form, type and / or availability of the service or other matters related to the service, which is the sole responsibility of the service provider.

c. You acknowledge and agree that We also have the right to block, deactivate, close the Account, and / or downgrade if:

  1. We understand and have sufficient reasons to state that there has been or will be financial or banking or criminal manipulation related to the Klikoo User's Account or account and / or services / facilities;
  2. Klikoo Users provide invalid / incomplete data to Us;
  3. There is a written request from the Police, Attorney General's Office, the Court, the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK), the Tax Office or other authorized institutions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations or to fulfill obligations / debts that have not been resolved by Klikoo Users.

d. You hereby acknowledge that the Platform / Klikoo Application, Account and / or system may or may experience, exist or occur restrictions, delays, and / or other problems including those caused by or in connection with:
  1. Unavailability or network limitations (including network internet) and / or use or
  2. Unavailability, disruption, or malfunction of certain features on the device you are using. We are not responsible for any delays, delays, unsuccessfulness, disruption or failure of a Transaction caused by the foregoing;

e. You hereby acknowledge that there is a possibility:

  1. The system or application (or any part of the system or application) is unstable, interrupted, freezes, not running properly, not running properly and / or having some bugs, and / or;
  2. The service (or certain features or parts) may change, is not available, for this You agree not to submit any claim to Us.

f. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect and / or immaterial losses, including any costs, gains (including interest), damages and losses of any kind or form whatsoever, that you or other third parties incur as a result:

  1. mistakes of Klikoo Partner or our partners;
  2. negligence or fault of third parties and / or Yours.

g. We shall only be responsible for the losses that You experience directly that is actually paid, which can be proven to have occurred as a result of Our error or Our violation of these Terms and Conditions.

h. We are not responsible for any claims from any party including You or for Your and any party's losses that occur as a result of or in connection with claims or lawsuits experienced by You which may arise as a result of submitting information from You that is incomplete, untrue or as a result Your instructions are not carried out, including cancellations, changes to instructions (for instructions that have not been executed) submitted to Us, unless such losses occur due to Our deliberate mistakes or Our negligence.

i. You hereby agree and bind yourself to release and discharge Us from any and all claims in any form, from any party and anywhere that is filed, arises or occurs in connection with or as a result of:

  1. Usage of data based on these Terms and Conditions or based on the approval, acknowledgment, authority, power of attorney and/or rights that You provide either directly or indirectly to Us in these Terms and Conditions;
  2. the giving of data either directly or indirectly by You to us or in or through the Platform / Klikoo Application that You do:
a. Violates or against applicable laws or regulations,
b. Violates the rights (including intellectual property rights) of or belongs to any person or party, or
c. Violates any contract, cooperation, agreement, deed, statement, order, decision and / or document to which You are a party or to which You or Your assets are bound unauthorized use of the Platform / Klikoo Application, Account and/or service:
  1. Illegally,
  2. Violating applicable laws,
  3. Violating these Terms and Conditions, and / or
  4. For acts or purposes of fraud, criminal, illegal or other illegal acts.

j. As a Klikoo User, You are responsible for always maintaining the confidentiality of Your Account, including but not limited to; Confidentiality of the password, OTP code, and security code that You use to log in and access Your account and Our services. Therefore, We are not responsible in any form if, You experience losses caused by Your negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of Your Account, and You hereby release and discharge Us, Our directors, board of commissioners, employees, agents, and / or Our affiliates, from any claims, lawsuits, compensation, and / or claims that You submit in connection with the unauthorized use and / or access to Your Account.

k. You hereby agree and bind Yourself to indemnify all losses that we experience and reimburse all costs, fees, expenses and expenses that We have or may have incurred or may pay in connection with or as a result of Your claim on the terms of "Limitation of Liability" this (including but not limited to legal service fees that We pay or incur to make a defense or other necessary actions related to the Claim).


We may choose to resolve disputes or claims arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions through the relevant court forums in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Each dispute or claim will be resolved individually and will not be combined with court disputes or complaints from other parties.

Both You and Us have the right to seek initial or temporary assistance from competent legal institutions in Indonesia, which is necessary to protect the rights or assets of Yours or us, while awaiting court settlement. All court proceedings will be conducted in Indonesian language.

These terms and conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws and regulations of Indonesia. In accordance with court procedures, We and You agree and accept that any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions will be specifically tried only under a court institution whose jurisdiction is in Indonesia.


You acknowledge and agree that any services and software required to connect with Our services ("Software) contain proprietary and confidential information that is protected by relevant intellectual property and other laws.You agree not to modify, rent, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works with the services from Our Software, in whole or in part. Any commercial use without permission of our services or resale of Our services or copying or reproduction of our software to a server or other location for reproduction and redistribution is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and civil penalties.

You acknowledge and promise that You will not (You also will not allow third parties to) copy, modify, compile, translate, create derivative works, reverse engineer, reverse engineer the Software or attempt to extract the source code of the program, including without exception the purpose of get unauthorized access to Our services.


Our failure, delay or omission to implement or exercise the rights or provisions of these Terms and Conditions does not mean neglect of these rights or conditions. Abandonment of any rights or conditions on any occasion shall not be interpreted as neglecting such rights or conditions in the future.

You agree that regardless of the applicable law or regulations, any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the use of Our services or these Terms and Conditions must be submitted within 3 (three) months from the time the dispute or claim arises or is considered invalid.


These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time and from time to time, suspended temporarily or permanently ("Revised") by Us.

Unless specified by Us, You agree to bind Yourself that the revised Terms and Conditions will automatically apply and become binding for You from the day of publication on Our Official Site. By continuing to access our services, You are deemed to have agreed to accept and be bound by the Revised Terms and Conditions. If You do not agree to the Revised Terms and Conditions, You must immediately stop accessing or using Our services.
Users and / or Partners have read and understood all of these Terms and Conditions and their consequences and hereby accept any rights, obligations and conditions set out therein.
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