Frequently Asked Questions
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What benefits will I get if I become a Klikoo Agent?
You can sell any kind of products for daily needs in one just one application, without you need to come to different agencies to do the payment. Klikoo application is designed to be easy to operate and has many promos & bonuses that are profitable for sellers.
How to be a Klikoo Agent?
To register in Klikoo application:
  1. Download Klikoo application from Playstore.
  2. Register your account to Klikoo application.
  3. After login, please verify your account by entering your data profile according to your ID Card.
  4. Please wait the verification from Klikoo team, Klikoo team will verify your account estimated about 1x24 hours maximum.
  5. After your account verified, you can use the application.
How long does it take for the verification process?
Verification process takes about 1x24 hours, but the verification process may be faster than 1x24 hours. You can check the process regularly on the app. If your account has been verified, you can use Klikoo immediately.
Why is my verification status not approved?
If your verification status is not approved, it may be because of several reasons: your picture or ID card picture is not clear enough. But don't worry, you can verify again by following the instruction in app notification.
What if I forgot my password?
Please reset your password in Klikoo application and an OTP will be sent to your registered phone number, you can continue to reset your password and create a new password.
How to top up my Klikoo balance?
To top up your balance in Klikoo application, please do the following steps:
  1. Open Klikoo application.
  2. Click "Top Up" on the above right screen.
  3. Choose the nominal or you can enter a custom nominal you want (minimum top up is 250.000 via Bank Transfer and Retail) and (minimum top up is 10.000 via Direct Transfer BCA.
  4. Choose payment method.
  5. After that you can do the payment according to your chosen method, payment period estimated about 5 hours maximum after the top up request in Klikoo application.
What kind of products are there in Klikoo?
Products in Klikoo: Phone Credit, Data Plan, PLN Payment (Prepaid and Postpaid), PDAM (Palyja, Aetra, Bogor, Bali), OVO, Grab Pay for Customer & Driver, Go Pay for Customer & Driver, Dana, Shopee Pay, TAXI Maxim. For other products are still on development and need some time before the releases.
Can I top up Maxim product in Klikoo?
You can top up Maxim in Klikoo with various nominal provided. To top up Maxim, you only need to input phone number and Maxim ID
What if a product is currently not available?
If one of Klikoo products is not available in the application, then the product will not be displayed on the application, so you can't do the transaction automatically until it became available again.
How to do a transaction as a Klikoo Agent?
1. Maxim driver's
You can top up Maxim easily, you only need to enter phone number, Maxim ID, and choose your desired top up nominal.

2. Phone Credit / Data Plan
Please enter the phone number and make sure the number you've entered is correct. And then please choose the desired nominal (there are times when some products are not complete in the nominal options because the products are not available).

2. PLN Post Paid dan Pre Paid
For PLN Post Paid, you need to enter the meter number and pay the bill stated. For PLN Prepaid (Token), you will be directed to enter the meter number and choose the nominal you desired. Pay the transaction as the total amount stated.

Please enter your PDAM meter and phone number. The application will display the bill and pay as stated on the bill.

4 . For E-Wallet, there are Dana, OVO, Gopay for Driver & Customer, Grab for Driver & Customer, and Shopee Pay.
First you need to enter your phone number, choose the product and desired nominal.
How to top up Maxim in Klikoo?
You can top up Maxim easily in Klikoo:
  1. Choose Maxim driver's on the Digital Product.
  2. Enter phone number and Maxim ID.
  3. Choose your desired denom nominal to top up.
  4. Confirm and check the nominal, phone number, and Maxim ID to top up.
  5. Choose Pay Now to proceed to payment.
How to make a Postpaid (Monthly Billing) transaction in Klikoo?
You can make a Postpaid transaction with the following steps:
- Open Klikoo application
- Choose a transaction you need to make: "Electricity", "Water bills", or "Telkom"
- Choose your area (for PDAM transaction)
- Enter your customer's ID and phone number
- Choose Pay
What if my transaction's status is Successful?
If your transaction status is successful, you can see the transaction status again in the history page.
What if my transaction's status is Pending?
If your transaction status is pending or on process, you can check the status regularly in history page. If your transaction status is still pending or on process for more than 60 minutes, you can contact our CS on 0821-2527-0901.
What if my transaction's status is Failed?
If your transaction status is failed, you can go to homepage and click an icon besides balance to update your balance, and your baalance will be restored back before the transaction. If your balance hasn't been restored, you can contact our CS on 0821-2527-0901.
How to see my transaction history?
Open Klikoo application throught your phone or tablet and open the transaction history tab.
Why haven't I received my phone credit / data plan after transaction?
If your Phone Credit transaction is still in the "Transaction in process" status, it means your Phone Credit transaction is still in process. Please wait 1x24 hours maximum until the transaction status is successful or failed. If the Phone Credit transaction status is failed, your Klikoo balance will be restored automatically.
What if my transaction status is successful but I haven't received my phone credit yet?
Please contact our Customer Service by mentioning the transaction number, our team will do further checking on the transaction.
What if I entered a wrong phone number?
Please make sure before you do the transaction. If the transaction status is successful the unfortunately there will be no refund. If the transaction status is failed then your balance will be restored automatically.
Where can I get the PLN token number I've bought?
After you've finished the transaction, please check on the history tab, the token number will be shown on the token column.
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