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Bonus Maxim Balance for your Maxim Driver customer
1 September 2022
  1. Buy Maxim Driver balance from Klikoo Agent (make sure the Agent uses Klikoo app!) with a denom minimum of Rp20.000 for each transaction
  2. If the Driver buy for 10-14 times, Driver will get a Maxim Driver bonus balance of Rp5.000
  3. If the Driver buy for 15-24 times, Driver will get a Maxim Driver bonus balance of Rp10.000
  4. If the Driver buy for 25 times or more, Driver will get a Maxim Driver bonus balance of Rp20.000
  5. Wait and we will send the bonus to Driver's Maxim Driver ID at the end of the program, max at 7 October 2022
This program is only for Maxim Driver balance transaction from 1-30 September 2022!
Let your customers know soon to get even more profits!

Download the banner below, put your shop name on the top, and blast the program to your customers~
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Give the best to your Maxim Driver customers~
Your Maxim Driver customers have a chance to get a bonus of Maxim Driver balance up to Rp20.000!

Let your customers know the terms and conditions here:
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